• These classes combine fitness for health and wellness... self-defense for safety and peace of mind... and ancient wisdom for a happy, stress-free life.

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  • Give your child the gift of confidence, leadership, respect, focus & discipline with our Kids Martial Arts classes. All while teaching them the important skill of self-defense.

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  • Founded by Tuhon Ray Dionaldo, Filipino Combat Systems is an organization dedicated the preservation and promotion of all Filipino Martial Arts.

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  • Call now: 910-431-1038, Capital Drive, Wilmington, NC 28405

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      December 7, 2016 | News

      Download the curriculum: Shoshin Ryu CurriculumHere is a list of our "Kokoro" lessons, available for free download. White to Yellow Safety Choices Dojo Etiquette Empty Your Cup Shoshin Ryu Kanji Yellow to Blue Learn from Mistakes Take Responsibility Rank One Body Repitition Blue to Green Sincerity Time is Now Mind Leads the Body Pushing Buttons Obstacles Green to Brown Limitations IF

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    • January Special

      JANUARY 2017 You can sign up for Unlimited classes for only $350! This will include all Shoshin Ryu and FCS Kali courses.  Please see schedule for times of classes. It includes kids and adults schedule as well.                 Sign up between now (January 4th) and January 31st for 6 months of training and receive a  FREE Uniform and White

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